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Cookies Summary

Type Expiration Purpose Own / Third
Technique Session Session information to enable the functionality of the website or platform. Own
Analytics Persistent To determine new sessions / visits.

Third Party Cookies

(Google analytics)

Analytics Persistent To determine how the user came to your site.

Third Party Cookies

(Google analytics)

Analytics Persistent To distinguish users and sessions.

Third Party Cookies

(Google analytics)

Technique Session Complements the operation of _utmb.

Third Party Cookies

(Google analytics)

Technique Persistent It contains data on viewing preferences. Third Party Cookies (Youtube)
Analytics Session It contains a unique identifier to allow control of visits to YouTube videos. Third Party Cookies (Youtube)
Analytics Persistent It contains a unique identifier to allow control of visits to YouTube videos. Third Party Cookies (Youtube)
Technique Persistent It contains the language preference of the user. Own

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In this sense, almost all browsers allow users to obtain general information about cookies installed on a web page, specifically verify the existence of the same, its duration or disposal system.

All modern browsers allow you to change the settings on Cookies. These adjustments are typically located on the 'Options' or 'Preferences' menu of your browser

Below your find guidance on the steps to access the setup menu of cookies and, where appropriate, private browsing in each of the major browsers:

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Safari: Preferences -> Security.
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Updates and changes to our Cookie Policy:

The Sun Villas Javea website may modify this Cookies policy based on laws, regulations or in order to adapt the policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

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